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PandaFun Game Whitepaper CHINESE.pdf
PandaFun Game Whitepaper ENGLISH.pdf

About PandaFun

Panda Fun is the first real-time tactics blockchain dApp game based on EOS in the world! It combines all the exciting features of Monopoly except you'll be able to also train and update your avatars to gain specifc skills.

All the important codes concerning game fairnress are fully open-source and on chain so that you'll know you're not being fooled by "the dealer". Equally important, there is NO PRE-SALE of tokens in any kind. Our own team has been the SOLE source of funding and technology behind the game because we believe this way we'd retain the very philosophy of blockchain.

As soon as the EOS mainnet launches, we will STOP giving away our free pandas.

So please go to our website and get your free pandas:


whitepaper english edition:

whitepaper chinese edition:

Please feel free to download and take a look.

Also, you are highly welcome to your telegram group:

see tutorial of EOS Dapp integrated with Scatter:

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