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respawn all panes with one key.
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Tmux Respawn All Panes

This plugin respawns your all panes, including panes on detached sessions.

Why You Need

If you modified zshrc/bashrc, the changes will not be reflected in the pane until you execute source zshrc/bashrc. That's terrible!

This plugin provides key bind to respawn all panes. You can apply changes to all panes with just one shortcut-key. Don't worry about this plugin changes your working directory. This plugin preserves working directory while respawning the pane.

Getting Started

If you use tpm, then you need to write just set -g @plugin 'pandanoir/tmux-respawn-all-panes'.

Manual Installation

Clone this repository anywhere you like and execute respawn_all_panes.tmux. Then key mapping will be registered.


respawn-pane command kills running programs on the panes.

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