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# PANDA Project migration script to ugprade version 0.1.1 to version 0.1.2.
# Must be executed with sudo!
set -x
exec 1> >(tee /var/log/panda-upgrade.log) 2>&1
echo "PANDA upgrade beginning."
# Setup environment variables
export DEPLOYMENT_TARGET="deployed"
# Shutdown services
service celeryd stop
service nginx stop
service uwsgi stop
service solr stop
# Install outstanding updates
apt-get --yes update
apt-get --yes upgrade
# Fetch updated source code
cd /opt/panda
git pull
git checkout 0.1.2
# Update Python requirements
pip install -U -r requirements.txt
# Migrate database
sudo -u panda -E python migrate panda
sudo -u panda -E python migrate djcelery 0001 --fake
sudo -u panda -E python migrate djcelery
# Regenerate asset
sudo -u panda -E python collectstatic --noinput
# Install new Solr startup script
cp setup_panda/solr.conf /etc/init/solr.conf
# Restart services
service solr start
service uwsgi start
service nginx start
sudo service celeryd start
echo "PANDA upgrade complete."
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