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<li><a href="/docs/searching-for-phone-numbers.html">Searching for phone numbers</a></li>
<li><a href="/docs/determining-the-encoding-of-a-csv-file.html">Determining the encoding of a CSV file</a></li>
- <li>Handling unsupported Excel features</li>
+ <li><a href="/docs/handling-unsupported-excel-features.html">Handling unsupported Excel features</a></li>
<li><a href="/docs/dealing-with-two-digit-year-columns.html">Dealing with two-digit year columns</a></li>
<li>Using PANDA with Fusion Tables</li>
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+title: Handling unsupported Excel features
+### The Problem
+PANDA supports importing Excel files, however, certain features may cause data to fail to import.
+As a proprietary data format Excel files have a long and complicated history. PANDA does not can support all the features that Excel does. Some unsupported features are handled automatically, for example:
+* The date `12/30/2011` in Excel will become `2011-12-30` in PANDA.
+* A number shown rounded in Excel, `12`, will be expanded in PANDA, `12.011113`.
+* A value with prepended zeroes, `000097`, will be simplified to `97`. (If the column contains only numbers and the leading zeroes were applied with a format.)
+* When importing formulas, such as `=B1+5` PANDA will store the computed value only, `10`.
+* Pivot tables and other embedded objects will be discarded.
+In addition to these limitations only the first worksheet of an Excel workbook will be imported.
+### The Solution
+Excel files that fail to import should be resaved as CSV files prior to import.
+If an Excel file fails to import for any reason the only solution is to export it to a CSV. This can be done in Excel or in another spreadsheet application, such as [LibreOffice]( In the latter simply choose **Save As** from the **File** menu and then select "Text CSV" as the file type. If prompted with advanced options (delimiter, etc.) you may leave them set to the defaults.

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