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"""Base test suite for extension arrays.
These tests are intended for third-party libraries to subclass to validate
that their extension arrays and dtypes satisfy the interface. Moving or
renaming the tests should not be done lightly.
Libraries are expected to implement a few pytest fixtures to provide data
for the tests. The fixtures may be located in either
* The same module as your test class.
* A ```` in the same directory as your test class.
The full list of fixtures may be found in the ```` next to this
.. code-block:: python
import pytest
from pandas.tests.extension.base import BaseDtypeTests
def dtype():
return MyDtype()
class TestMyDtype(BaseDtypeTests):
Your class ``TestDtype`` will inherit all the tests defined on
``BaseDtypeTests``. pytest's fixture discover will supply your ``dtype``
wherever the test requires it. You're free to implement additional tests.
All the tests in these modules use ``self.assert_frame_equal`` or
``self.assert_series_equal`` for dataframe or series comparisons. By default,
they use the usual ``pandas.testing.assert_frame_equal`` and
``pandas.testing.assert_series_equal``. You can override the checks used
by defining the staticmethods ``assert_frame_equal`` and
``assert_series_equal`` on your base test class.
from .casting import BaseCastingTests # noqa
from .constructors import BaseConstructorsTests # noqa
from .dtype import BaseDtypeTests # noqa
from .getitem import BaseGetitemTests # noqa
from .groupby import BaseGroupbyTests # noqa
from .interface import BaseInterfaceTests # noqa
from .io import BaseParsingTests # noqa
from .methods import BaseMethodsTests # noqa
from .missing import BaseMissingTests # noqa
from .ops import BaseArithmeticOpsTests, BaseComparisonOpsTests, BaseOpsUtil # noqa
from .printing import BasePrintingTests # noqa
from .reduce import ( # noqa
from .reshaping import BaseReshapingTests # noqa
from .setitem import BaseSetitemTests # noqa
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