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pd.merge fails on datetime columns with tzinfo #11405

miraculixx opened this Issue Oct 21, 2015 · 1 comment


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miraculixx commented Oct 21, 2015

Since pandas-0.17 a merge on a datetime column fails if the datetime is tz-aware, see example below. Possibly related to #9663?

import pandas as pd
from datetime import datetime
from import gettz
import sys, os
import traceback as tbm
# works
a = pd.DataFrame({'created' : [datetime(2015,10,10), 
                  'count' : [1,2]})
b = pd.DataFrame({'created' : [datetime(2015,10,10), 
                  'count' : [1,2]})
pd.merge(a, b, how='outer')
# doesn't work (used to work on pandas-0.16.2)
    utc = gettz('UTC')
    a = pd.DataFrame({'created' : [datetime(2015,10,10, tzinfo=utc), 
                                   datetime(2015,10,20, tzinfo=utc)], 
                      'count' : [1,2]})
    b = pd.DataFrame({'created' : [datetime(2015,10,10, tzinfo=utc), 
                                   datetime(2015,10,20, tzinfo=utc)], 
                      'count' : [1,2]})
    pd.merge(a, b, how='outer')
except Exception as e:
    print "Yeah, doesn't work: %s" % e   
    _, _, tb = sys.exc_info()
    stack = lambda n : tbm.extract_tb(tb, 99)[n][0:]
    print "called from", stack(0)
    print "failing statement", stack(-1)


Yeah, doesn't work: type object argument after * must be a sequence, not itertools.imap
called from ('<ipython-input-194-3c3669b26a55>', 23, '<module>', u"pd.merge(a, b, how='outer')")
failing statement ('/.../local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pandas/tools/', 516, '_get_join_indexers', 'llab, rlab, shape = map(list, zip( * map(fkeys, left_keys, right_keys)))')

the culprit seems to be in the call to _factorize_keys though I couldn't quite figure out what goes wrong.

Version info

$ python --version
Python 2.7.6
$ pip freeze | grep pandas

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jreback Oct 22, 2015


nah, this was not implemented (with the new tz dtypes) and not tested, fixed in #11410


jreback commented Oct 22, 2015

nah, this was not implemented (with the new tz dtypes) and not tested, fixed in #11410

jreback added a commit to jreback/pandas that referenced this issue Oct 23, 2015

jreback added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 23, 2015

Merge pull request #11410 from jreback/tz_merge
Bug in merging datetime64[ns, tz] dtypes #11405
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