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Offsets Roundup #18854

jbrockmendel opened this Issue Dec 19, 2017 · 0 comments


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jbrockmendel commented Dec 19, 2017

Confusion about offsets with Period. AFAICT the underlying issue is that DateOffset are for the most part intended to be used with date_range and its just a coincidence that some of them work with Period.

  • #4591 Unclear documentation for Period Construction
  • #5091 Missing Periods for some DateOffsets
  • #12379 No str for FY5253Quarter
  • #4878 Issues Creating Period with DateOffset as freq, e.g. pd.Period('2013-12', freq='pd.offsets.BusinessMonthEnd()) raises

Unanchored Offsets

Quarter start/end offset confusion

  • #17787 Anchored offset Starting Quarter and Year defaults to JAN not DEC
  • #2885 Default for "Q" is not the same as default for "QuarterEnd"
  • #5307 Parameter Name of startingMonth for QuarterEnd is Misleading
  • #18235 Quarter.onOffset looks fishy
  • #8435 DEPR: QuarterBegin and BQuarterBegin return days that are not quarter beginnings

Timezone issues

  • #12156 Adding DateOffset(days=1) produces NonExistentTimeError, given example is pd.date_range(pd.Timestamp('2015-1-1', tz='US/Eastern'), pd.Timestamp('2016-1-1', tz='US/Eastern'), freq='H') + pd.DateOffset(days=1)
  • #16980 API: Wrong DateOffset behaviour with DST changes. I think the OP wants Day to behave like relativedelta(days=1) rather than timedelta(hours=24)
  • Lots of errors surfaced when running tests with hypothesis in #18761

RelativeDelta issues. Some of these may be solved or affected by #18329, #18226

  • #7418 BUG: hour/hours (and other plurals) should be the same as singulars. DateOffset behavior here just passes through to dateutil.relativedelta, so the issue seems to be confusingly similar kwarg options.
  • #7707 MonthOffset() gives increase of 1 day instead of 1 month (This raises NotImplementedError)
  • #4804 goes here too


  • DateOffset.__eq__ (called from Period.__eq__) is very slow because DateOffset._params is very slow. This could be improved a lot if DateOffset were immutable. Attempts to do this so far have run into pickle problems, see #18224. Assistance requested.

Possible Bugs, needs confirmation:

  • #18510 Week(weekday=None).onOffset will always return False, while I think it should always be True. (Closed by #18875)
  • A bunch of offsets fail to satisfy offset.onOffset(ts) \Leftrigharrow (ts + offset) - offset == ts. I think the latter is effectively the definition of onOffset in the general case, need confirmation that this is a bug.


  • #12724 BUG: Cannot add non-vectorized DateOffset to empty DatetimeIndex
  • normalize should be accounted for in __eq__ (#17689) (closed by #21404)
  • Do Tick classes with normalize=True make sense? (#21434)
  • CacheableOffset mixin is never used
  • liboffsets.WeekDay is not used outside of tests
  • DateOffset._should_cache is never true
  • DateOffset.isAnchored needs a docstring
  • I screwed up a while back confusing BusinessMixin.offset with DateOffset._offset. No real harm done, but should be reverted. Might be worth finding a different name than offset
  • BusinessHourMixin.apply raises an ApplyTypeError with an incomplete error message
  • remove camelCase
  • WeekOfMonth._from_name has a comment # TODO: handle n here..., same with LastWeekOfMonth
  • BQuarterBegin has a comment # I suspect this is wrong for *all* of them, could really use some clarification.
  • YearOffset._get_offset_day has a comment suggesting a more performant implementation may be available.
  • FY5253.apply has a couple of assert False statements for cases which presumably we don't expect to get hit. These should probably raise with a useful error message (or better yet, confirm that they will never get reached.
  • Does Tick need its own apply_index?
  • Easter.apply handles n==0 differently from all others.
  • #8386 missing comparison methods (#18738 should close this)

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