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Rendering Series[Categorical] raises UnicodeDecodeError #21002

jbrockmendel opened this Issue May 10, 2018 · 0 comments


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jbrockmendel commented May 10, 2018

calling repr() on a Series with categorical-dtype can raise UnicodeDecodeError under certain conditions. These conditions appear to include:

  • The series must have length at least 61 (Note: pd.get_option('max_rows') == 60)
  • python2
  • sys.getdefaultencoding() == 'ascii'

Reproduce with:

from pandas.core.base import StringMixin

class County(StringMixin):
    name = u'San Sebastián'
    state = u'PR'
    def __unicode__(self):
        return + u', ' + self.state

cat = pd.Categorical([County() for n in range(61)])
idx = pd.Index(cat)
ser = idx.to_series()
>>> ser
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
  File "pandas/core/", line 82, in __repr__
    return str(self)
  File "pandas/core/", line 62, in __str__
    return self.__bytes__()
  File "pandas/core/", line 74, in __bytes__
    return self.__unicode__().encode(encoding, 'replace')
  File "pandas/core/", line 1233, in __unicode__
    max_rows=max_rows, length=show_dimensions)
  File "pandas/core/", line 1276, in to_string
  File "pandas/io/formats/", line 187, in __init__
  File "pandas/io/formats/", line 201, in _chk_truncate
  File "pandas/core/reshape/", line 225, in concat
    copy=copy, sort=sort)
  File "pandas/core/reshape/", line 378, in __init__
    self.new_axes = self._get_new_axes()
  File "pandas/core/reshape/", line 458, in _get_new_axes
    new_axes[self.axis] = self._get_concat_axis()
  File "pandas/core/reshape/", line 511, in _get_concat_axis
    concat_axis = _concat_indexes(indexes)
  File "pandas/core/reshape/", line 529, in _concat_indexes
    return indexes[0].append(indexes[1:])
  File "pandas/core/indexes/", line 2126, in append
    return self._concat(to_concat, name)
  File "pandas/core/indexes/", line 771, in _concat
    return CategoricalIndex._concat_same_dtype(self, to_concat, name)
  File "pandas/core/indexes/", line 778, in _concat_same_dtype
    to_concat = [self._is_dtype_compat(c) for c in to_concat]
  File "pandas/core/indexes/", line 232, in _is_dtype_compat
    if not other.is_dtype_equal(self):
  File "pandas/core/arrays/", line 2242, in is_dtype_equal
    return hash(self.dtype) == hash(other.dtype)
  File "pandas/core/dtypes/", line 181, in __hash__
    return int(self._hash_categories(self.categories, self.ordered))
  File "pandas/core/dtypes/", line 250, in _hash_categories
    cat_array = hash_array(np.asarray(categories), categorize=False)
  File "pandas/core/util/", line 296, in hash_array
    hash_key, encoding)
  File "pandas/_libs/hashing.pyx", line 66, in pandas._libs.hashing.hash_object_array
    data = <bytes>val.encode(encoding)
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 11: ordinal not in range(128)

It tentatively looks like the issue is in _libs.hashing.hash_object_array:

        if PyString_Check(val):
            data = <bytes>val.encode(encoding)
        elif PyBytes_Check(val):
            data = <bytes>val
        elif PyUnicode_Check(val):
            data = <bytes>val.encode(encoding)

When we get here, val is already a str in both py2 and py3, so we go down the if PyString_Check(val): branch. But when it tries to encode a str in py2, it first will try to decode with sys.getdefaultencoding(), which raises.

So my best guess is that the PyString_Check branch just doesn't belong.

I'll take a look for related issues.

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