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ENH: convert datetime components (year, month, day, ...) in different columns to datetime #8158

jorisvandenbossche opened this issue Sep 2, 2014 · 4 comments


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commented Sep 2, 2014

from SO

I didn't find an issue about this, but it has come up some times at stackoverflow: having columns with integers for year, month, day, hour, ..., how do you convert this to a datetime column/index ?

You have the typical solution of adding the columns: pd.to_datetime((df['Y']*10000 + df['M']*100 + df['D']).astype('int'), format='%Y%m%d'), and @unutbu added now a faster solution using numpy's different datetime64 resolutions to that question on SO.

I personally think this would be a nice addition to pandas to have a more native solution for this. But then we need to figure out a nice API. Or we keep it as is, but try to document it more (add as example to docs?)


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commented Sep 2, 2014

I think we tried to doc this some where (or cookbook - don't remember offhand)

how about

format={'Y' : column_year,
'm' : column_month,
'd' : column_day})

format could also be list of these columns I guess as well (this is more powerful though; a list would have to be unambiguously Ymd)


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commented Sep 2, 2014

How about adding a helper function like

def combine64(years, months=1, days=1, weeks=None, hours=None, minutes=None,
              seconds=None, milliseconds=None, microseconds=None, nanoseconds=None):
    years = np.asarray(years) - 1970
    months = np.asarray(months) - 1
    days = np.asarray(days) - 1
    types = ('<M8[Y]', '<m8[M]', '<m8[D]', '<m8[W]', '<m8[h]',
             '<m8[m]', '<m8[s]', '<m8[ms]', '<m8[us]', '<m8[ns]')
    vals = (years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes, seconds,
            milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds)
    return sum(np.asarray(v, dtype=t) for t, v in zip(types, vals)
               if v is not None)

It would be easier than adding the functionality to pd.to_datetime, and people could apply it wherever they wish. Note that combine64 returns a NumPy array of dtype datetime64[*]. It can be passed to pd.to_datetime to create a DatetimeIndex:

In [196]: combine64(df['Y'], df['M'])
Out[196]: array(['1990-01-01', '1991-02-01', '1992-03-01', '1993-04-01'], dtype='datetime64[D]')

In [197]: pd.to_datetime(combine64(df['Y'], df['M']))
<class 'pandas.tseries.index.DatetimeIndex'>
[1990-01-01, ..., 1993-04-01]
Length: 4, Freq: None, Timezone: None

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commented Sep 4, 2014

I like @unutbu's combine64 helper function. It seems cleaner than shoving support for format dictionaries into to_datetime.

A couple of thoughts:

  1. The name combine64 is too ambiguous. How about combine_datetime instead?
  2. I think it should return a DatetimeIndex directly, since this is the only fully functional datetime array we have access to in pandas.

@jreback jreback added this to the Next Major Release milestone Oct 20, 2015


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commented Oct 20, 2015

@unutbu want to do a PR for this?

@jreback jreback modified the milestones: 0.18.1, Next Major Release Apr 25, 2016

jreback added a commit to jreback/pandas that referenced this issue Apr 25, 2016

@jreback jreback closed this in 59082e9 Apr 26, 2016

nps added a commit to nps/pandas that referenced this issue May 17, 2016

ENH: allow construction of datetimes from columns in a DataFrame
closes pandas-dev#8158

Author: Jeff Reback <>

Closes pandas-dev#12967 from jreback/dates and squashes the following commits:

e18c9cc [Jeff Reback] TST: move .to_datetime() tests to new testing class
7dc9406 [Jeff Reback] ENH: allow construction of datetimes from columns in a DataFrame
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