• Due by December 31, 2020 Last updated about 6 hours ago

    Changes that would be nice to have in the next release. These issues are not blocking. They will be pushed to the next release if no one has time to fix them.

  • Past due by 2 days Last updated about 11 hours ago
  • Due by September 30, 2019 Last updated about 18 hours ago

    A milestone for closed or open issues for which there is no action needed (eg not a bug, just a question / discussion, nothing to resolve, wontfix, etc).

  • Due by December 31, 2020 Last updated 6 days ago

    Milestone for filing things away that may be reached someday (at which point such issues should be moved to the appropriate release milestone)

  • Due by May 01, 2019 Last updated 8 days ago
  • Due by February 28, 2019 Last updated 9 days ago

    on-merge: backport to 0.24.x

    14% complete
  • Due by June 01, 2019 Last updated 14 days ago
  • Due by August 01, 2020 Last updated 16 days ago
    30% complete