issue #36, maybe issue #51? support for relative urls based on source url #57

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Fallback to source url done only if window is defined (if in browser). This worked in latest chrome.

cake test passed (i think, it hangs after it passes all the tests)
cake bundle generated results different from what is in github, so I added my changes by hand.
cake bundle:min failed to run due to minified = uglify(data); TypeError: object is not a function
cake docs was also failing, so I added the change in comment to that by hand.


cake bundle:min was failing because we had specified the uglify-js dep as a >=, and their API changed. This is fixed on master. Ditto for the docs.

cake test is now eliminated. Use npm test instead. Rather than running an HTTP server for testing locally, the tests now use


I merged latest changes, and now the tests pass with my changes as well as the master (as far as I can tell).

dyoder commented May 17, 2014

As of 0.9.0, this is now an intrinsic part of the interface.

@dyoder dyoder closed this May 17, 2014
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