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(1) IOS安全学习网站收集:

(2) IOS安全优秀博客文章

(3) IOS安全优秀GitHub

Contains all example codes for O'Reilly's iOS 9 Swift Programming Cookbook
Apple OS X ROOT提权API后门
Effortless and universal SSL pinning for iOS and OS X
Patch PE, ELF, Mach-O binaries with shellcode
iReSign allows iDevice app bundles (.ipa) files to be signed or resigned with a digital certificate from Apple for distribution
A Mach-O Load Command deobfuscator
dylib injector for mach-o binaries
Fast iOS executable dumper
Binary distribution of the libimobiledevice library for Mac OS X
python utilities related to dylib hijacking on OS X
OSX dylib injection
IOS IPA package refine and resign
ROP Exploitation
Class-dump any Mach-o file without extracting it from dyld_shared_cache
Scan an IPA file and parses its info.plist
A PoC Mach-O infector via library injection
Interprocess Code injection for Mac OS X
OS X Auditor is a free Mac OS X computer forensics tool
remove PIE for osx
A TE executable format loader for IDA
Mobile Security Framework
A library that enables dynamically rebinding symbols in Mach-O binaries running on iOS
OSX and iOS related security tools
Dumps decrypted mach-o files from encrypted iPhone applications from memory to disk
Simple Swift wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS and OS X
idb is a tool to simplify some common tasks for iOS pentesting and research
Pentesting apps using Parse as a backend
The iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit
XNU - Mac OS X kernel
Code injection + payload communications for OSX
iOS related code
OSX injection tutorial: Hello World
Reveal Loader dynamically loads libReveal.dylib ( support) into iOS apps on jailbroken devices
NSUserDefaults category with AES encrypt/decrypt keys and values
Blackbox tool to disable SSL certificate validation
应用逆向工程 抽奖插件
Untested iOS Tweak to hook OpenSSL functions
IOS *.plist encryptor project. Protect your .plist files from jailbroken
Re-codesigning tool for iOS ipa file
Scans iPhone/iPad/iPod applications for PIE flags
xnu local privilege escalation via cve-2015-1140 IOHIDSecurePromptClient injectStringGated heap overflow | poc||gtfo
A cross-platform protocol library to communicate with iOS devices
Released in accordance with GPL licensing
xnu local privilege escalation via cve-2015
A simple universal memory editor (game trainer) on OSX/iOS
Tiamo's bootloader
incomplete ios 8.4.1 jailbreak by Kim Jong Cracks
Security Scanner for OSX
Sample kernel extension that demonstrates how to hide from kextstat
Example Mac OS X kernel extension that resolves symbols from the running kernel image
Sample Mac OS X (Mountain Lion) kernel extension that demonstrates how to hide files by hijacking getdirentries
Sample Mac OS X (Mountain Lion) kernel extension that demonstrates how to hide a process by modifying allproc and pidhashtbl
The Mach-O disassembler. Now 64bit and Xcode 6 compatible
A Mach-O binary codesign remover
A Mach-O Load Command deobfuscator
Very simple keylogger for self-quantifying on Mac OS X
Manage iOS devices through iTunes lib
Detects the hardware, software and display of the current iOS or Mac OS X device at runtime
Python Arsenal for Reverse Engineering
A OS X crypto ransomware PoC

(4) IOS安全优秀书籍

《Hacking and Securing iOS Applications》
《Mac OS X and iOS Internals:To the Apple’s Core》
《OS X and iOS Kernel Programming》
《OS X ABI Mach-O File Format》
《The Mac Hacker’s Handbook》
《Mac OS X Interals:A Systems Approach》

(5) IOS安全Twitter

(6) OSX/IOS Exploit分析文章





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