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- Renamed Norwegian translation to use NO instead of NB language code

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commit c526fb76913481bc50ebf7a175d58ef07ffc0cf4 1 parent 3e19f8a
@cbas cbas authored
2  Client/languages/languages.xml
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
<language name="Italiano" code="it"/>
<language name="Lietuvių" code="lt"/>
<language name="Nederlands" code="nl"/>
-<language name="Norsk bokmål" code="nb"/>
+<language name="Norsk bokmål" code="no"/>
<language name="Polski" code="pl"/>
<language name="Português Brasileiro" code="pt-br"/>
<language name="Português" code="pt"/>
0  Client/languages/nb.xml → Client/languages/no.xml
File renamed without changes
10 Client/languages/sv.xml
@@ -4,10 +4,6 @@
Copyright (c) 2010 Johan Carlsson
License: GNU General Public License version 3 or later
- Instructions:
<translation xml:lang="sv" dir="ltr">
@@ -20,7 +16,7 @@
- Second edit.
+ Third edit.
@@ -281,10 +277,10 @@
<window name="about">
<item id="txt-copyright">
- <innerHTML>Copyright &amp;copy; ${copyrightyear} ${copyrightholder}. All rights reserved. This application is published under the terms of the &lt;a href="${licenseurl}"&gt;${licensename}&lt;/a&gt;. Additional &lt;a href="${termsandcontitionsurl}"&gt;terms and conditions&lt;/a&gt; may apply to included dependencies.</innerHTML>
+ <innerHTML>Upphovsrätt &amp;copy; ${copyrightyear} ${copyrightholder}. Alla rättigheter reserverade. Denna applikation är publicerad under villkoren i &lt;a href="${licenseurl}"&gt;${licensename}&lt;/a&gt;. Ytterligare &lt;a href="${termsandcontitionsurl}"&gt;villkor&lt;/a&gt; kan gälla medföljande beroenden.</innerHTML>
<item id="txt-trademark">
- <innerText>The ${softwarename} name and logos are trademarks of ${trademarkholder}. All rights reserved.</innerText>
+ <innerText>Namnet ${softwarename} och logotyper är varumärken som tillhör ${trademarkholder}. Alla rättigheter reserverade.</innerText>
<item id="btn-ok">
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