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ecma-helpers-string.c@1221 has an out-of-bounds write (buffer overflow) #2712

mlite opened this Issue Jan 18, 2019 · 1 comment


2 participants
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mlite commented Jan 18, 2019

Reproducing step:

  1. I use my Stensal SDK (, it's free for open source project
  2. build jerryscript with stensal-c
  3. Run ./build/tests/unit-test-api-strings

The following is what I got. Notes safe_memcpy is a safe version of memcpy that does array bounds checking. You can treat it like memcpy. I think the fixes is to make sure the length is passed correctly.

DTS_MSG: Stensal DTS detected a fatal program error!
DTS_MSG: Continuing the execution will cause unexpected behaviors, abort!
DTS_MSG: OOB Write:writing 15 bytes at 0xffac10dc will corrupt the adjacent data.
DTS_MSG: Diagnostic information:

  • The object to-be-written (start:0xffac10dc, size:5 bytes) is allocated at
  • file:/home/sbuilder/workspace/jerryscript/tests/unit-core/test-api-strings.c::213, 8
  • 0xffac10dc 0xffac10e0
  • +------------------------+
  • |the object to-be-written|......
  • +------------------------+
  • ^~~~~~~~~~
  • the write starts at the object begin.
  • Stack trace (most recent call first):
    -[1] file:/home/nwang/acore/musl/src/malloc/safe_memcpy.c::18, 2
    -[2] file:/home/sbuilder/workspace/jerryscript/jerry-core/ecma/base/ecma-helpers-string.c::1221, 5
    -[3] file:/home/sbuilder/workspace/jerryscript/jerry-core/api/jerry.c::1758, 10
    -[4] file:/home/sbuilder/workspace/jerryscript/tests/unit-core/test-api-strings.c::241, 8
    -[5] file:/home/nwang/acore/musl/src/env/__libc_start_main.c::180, 11

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akosthekiss commented Jan 18, 2019

@mlite Thanks for the report. It has revealed a bug in the unit tests. The problem manifests itself in the engine but because of wrong API usage.

The problem is in tests/unit-core/test-api-strings.c, around line 241:

cesu8_sz = 5;

char substring[cesu8_sz];

/// snip

cesu8_length = jerry_get_string_length (args[0]);
cesu8_sz = jerry_get_string_size (args[0]); /// BUG: substring is of fixed size, shouldn't rewrite its size
TEST_ASSERT (cesu8_length == 15);
TEST_ASSERT (cesu8_length == cesu8_sz);

sz = jerry_substring_to_char_buffer (args[0], 0, cesu8_length, (jerry_char_t *) substring, cesu8_sz); /// BUG(manifested): shouldn't try to lie about the size of substring when calling jerry_substring_to_char_buffer
TEST_ASSERT (sz = 15);
TEST_ASSERT (!strncmp (substring, "an ascii string", sz)); /// BUG(hidden): this will either cause a read overflow because substring is only 5 bytes long, or hit the assert if only the first 5 bytes of substring are filled

akosthekiss added a commit to akosthekiss/jerryscript that referenced this issue Jan 18, 2019

Fix out-of-bounds writes (buffer overflows) in unit tests
Fixes pando-project#2711
Fixes pando-project#2712

JerryScript-DCO-1.0-Signed-off-by: Akos Kiss

robertsipka added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 21, 2019

Fix out-of-bounds writes (buffer overflows) in unit tests (#2714)
Fixes #2711
Fixes #2712

JerryScript-DCO-1.0-Signed-off-by: Akos Kiss
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