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This repository provides nightly builds for pandoc. The main purpose is for testing a potential bug before filing an issue. See more below. (Or if you want to try the latest features of pandoc. But remember, nightly is not even beta. If you choose to use it, you are on your own.)

Go to the releases page to download pandoc for your platform (pandoc-amd64-... is for Linux). Only the pandoc executables are provided. Once you downloaded it, you can unzip it and run by specifying the absolute path of the pandoc executables explicitly:

# For example:
~/Downloads/pandoc-osx-5729f1f2eaf1665be3fcbf92917503bdd15d1995/pandoc ... # your usual pandoc options here

For Windows users, the .zip is mirrored from the official nightly build from appveyor for convenience.

Bug Report on jgm/pandoc

This part describe the intended use of pandoc-nightly in details.

Often time we see bug reports on very outdated versions of pandoc opened in jgm/pandoc. The steps to take before a bug report should be this:

  1. Install the latest stable release of pandoc.

    • If (1) is not an option, use pandoc-portable and download the latest stable release in zip.
  2. If the bug still persists, go to pandoc-nightly to download the latest available release in zip, which is built from the latest commit in the master branch of jgm/pandoc.

Only after checking the bug against both version (latest stable and latest master) should you file a bug report.

Note that do not file bug report that's only found in pandoc-nightly. It is completely normal and that's why it's called nightly.


The commit hash of the pandoc's latest commit is used as the version here, as you can see in the releases page. The version follows the pattern of hash-<commitHash>.

For example, version (git tag) hash-1dc4b3925d96e26b89a1a30f36ab809662e283ad uses the source from The .zip also follows the same pattern, so you can easily traced it back to which commit the binary is compiled against.

The versions of the script and travis setup in this repository will be in the before_install section of the .travis.yml.

Caveat: if you run <pathTo>/pandoc --version, it will show the version of the latest stable release instead (because this is coded in the source code of pandoc). There's nothing much I can do about it, but given these nightly builds are provided in .zip without an installer, it should be hard to not remember it is not your usual stable installation.


The original license from pandoc is copied here, which is in GPLv2+.

Potential Improvements

If you feel like improving any of these, please feel free to make a pull request.

Versioning can be off by up to an hour

The hash uses in these 3 instances:

  1. git tag version (as shown in the releases page),
  2. in the names of the pandoc-osx|amd64-... binaries, and
  3. in the name of the pandoc-windows-... binaries

might not agree.


  1. a daily Travis cron job triggers the creation of the git tag in (1), using the hash of the latest pandoc commit in this build.
  2. the new git tag triggers a new Travis job, at the time of the job, it creates (2), where the macOS and Linux build runs in parallel. Each of the hash in the name of the pandoc-osx|amd64-... binaries are the hash of the latest pandoc commit in their respective build.
  3. In addition, the Appveyor's artifacts are mirrored in the Linux build, and uses the hash found in that Linux build instead.

In short, only the hashes in the (2) is guaranteed to be correct.

In practice, these different versions (commit hashes) probably differs by at most an hour.

Git submodule

May be a better way to handle this is to add pandoc as a git submodule to this repository. A script in Travis can be added to update the submodule and auto-commit it to the project. Then there's a clear history of commits in this repository reflecting on the commits used from pandoc.

Travis Cron Job

Note to anyone who make a commit:

Because cron jobs build the latest commit to a particular branch, if that commit message includes [ci skip] or [skip ci] the cron job will skip that build. From Cron Jobs - Travis CI.

i.e. remember not to use these keywords in your commit, otherwise if the latest commit seen by the cron job includes these keywords, the cron job will always be skipped indefinitely (until a new commit).

e.g. cron job on 2017-01-21 is skipped because of commit b18110a.