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## Test for DFW Memory heap usage
#a: Anthony Burke - @pandom_
#c: (dcoghland for original idea and initial code, nbradford for sanity checks and matching)
#r: PowerCLI, PowerNSX, PSate, PShould
### The limit threshold is recommended as a buffer. If 80% of memory or more is used the test will fail.
## Some math for heap percentage
$limit = 20
$total = (100-$limit)
## Collect all VMhosts under vCenter
$esxi_creds = (Get-Credential)
## Initiate Test sequence
DescribingEach "Distributed Firewall Memory heaps"{
$vSphereHosts = get-cluster | % {
$currclus = $_
if (($currclus | get-nsxclusterstatus | ? { $_.featureId -eq 'com.vmware.vshield.firewall' }).Installed -eq 'true') {
} | get-vmhost
# For each vSphere host found by Get-VMhost connect to host with SSH
foreach ( $vsphere in $vSphereHosts ) {
GivenEach "vSphere Host $($" {
$esxi_SSH_Session = New-SSHSession -ComputerName $vsphere -Credential $esxi_creds -AcceptKey
#Invoke vsish command to list all VSIP heaps and store it
$vsish_command_1 = "vsish -e ls /system/heaps|grep vsip"
$vsish_object_1 = Invoke-SSHCommand -SessionId $esxi_SSH_Session.SessionId -Command $vsish_command_1 -EnsureConnection
#Upon the stored object, for each heap listed, use SSH session to check heap memory remaining.
foreach ($heap in $vsish_object_1.output) {
$command = "vsish -e get /system/heaps/$heap'stats'"
$stats = Invoke-SSHCommand -SessionId $esxi_SSH_Session.SessionId -Command $command -EnsureConnection
$stats.output | ? { $_ -match "(percent free of max size):(\d{1,3})" } > $Null
# Based on the regex output, use matches and PShould to determine remaining memory is more than limit (ex:80 is more than 20)
It "has not surpassed the $total % memory threshold on memory heap $heap for $vsphere" {
$matches[2] | should be -gt $limit