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Frontend dev

Frontend developer opening at Ryhope

Ryhope is a DAO building decentralized infrastructures to power creative contents co-creation, autonomy and interoperability. Among other things we are the main team behind the pando protocol: a distributed versioning control system enforcing DAO-based versioning, contribution tracking and governance built on top of IPFS, ethereum and aragonOS.

We are looking for a frontend developer to work with us on the Aragon Core pando's app frontend, the upcoming PandoHub platform and other classified projects :) This developer must not only be a frontend but also a web3 expert.


  • Experience and understanding of JavaScript (ES6+), CSS and React.
  • Experience and understanding of web3 technologies.
  • Being passionate about open-source and decentralization.
  • Being autonomous.

Good to have

  • Experience contributing or managing open source projects.
  • Experience working remotely.
  • Experience with the aragonOS and Aragon Core frameworks.

How to apply

Write an email to with the subject Frontend dev opening application and the following informations:

  • Your GitHub profile.
  • Your past experiences.
  • Your private key (just kiddin')

Looking forward to welcome you in the team.