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Q&A Template.txt

This repository contains the code, templates, and sample required to automatically create a Virtual Customer Service Representative as described on the Pandorabots Blog here. If you are curious about what this code does, be sure to read the post, as well as any others that might pique your interest. The following is a short usage guide:

Download the program and one of our Question and Answer Templates. There is a sample Q&A document of each acceptable file type that shows proper formatting.

The program is written in python, and it makes use of the Pandorabots Python SDK, so it is essential you have both python and that package installed. Use pip to install the Pandorabots Python SDK:

username% pip install PbPython

To make your bot:

username% python --input-file 'Q&A_template.txt'

To update your bot with a revised Q&A Template:

username% python --input-file 'Q&A_template.txt' --update True

Happy Botmaking!