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Bot Possession Boilerplate

Bot possession allows you to monitor conversations between your Pandorabot and users in realtime, with the option to "take over" the conversation at any time. Please read this blog post for the main gist.


  1. Pandorabots app_id and user_key (register with the Developer Portal)

  2. Firebase account and application URI


The three interfaces all listen for additions to Firebase, and will change state depending on the new object's type and client_name. There are five different types of objects bot possession will store in Firebase:

type: "botchat" - contains complete interactions between the user and the bot (input/output)

type: "agentchat" - contains a message from the human agent to the user (during possession)

type: "customerchat" - contains a message from the user to the human agent (during possession)

type: "possess" - tells the user interface that the conversation has now been possessed

type: "unposses" - tells the user interface that the conversation has been returned to the bot


This code uses talk.js, which relies on cookies to remember the identity of your users. Therefore, you must host these files on a server, or enable file cookies in your browser to run locally.