Pandorabots API module for Java


Version 1.0.0

Last revised December 29, 2014

Pandorabots API module for Java

This project contains some sample Java code to access the Pandorabots API. Use this project if:

  • You want to connect your Java or Android project to Pandorabots.
  • You have set up an account on and have an API key.


The simplest way to use the pb-java API is to add pb-java-X.X.X.jar into CLASSPATH. Most commonly, your Java project will simply connect to a pandorabot and talk to it. You can easily implement this with:

public static String botname = "MyBot";
PandorabotsAPI papi = new PandorabotsAPI(MagicParameters.hostname, MagicParameters.app_id, MagicParameters.user_key);


String request = "Hello!  My name is Joe.";
String response =, request);


The pb-java API depends on the following JAR files. You may import this project with "Existing Maven Project" in Eclipse, or use Gradle, or simply download the JAR files and link them with your project.

  • commons-codec-1.6.jar
  • commons-logging-1.2.jar
  • commons-io-2.4.jar
  • fluent-hc-4.4-beta1.jar
  • httpclient-4.4-beta1.jar
  • httpcore-4.4-beta1.jar
  • json-20090211.jar


The pb-java project includes several classes.


The Main class is provided as an example of how to use the Java Pandorabots API. You may wish to customize the code in PandorabotsAPI to suit your application needs. The code provided is intentended as an example only.


The MagicParameters class encapsulates some global variables for your application:

  • static String version: the version number of the API.
  • static String hostname: the hostname of the Pandorabots host
  • static String app_id: your Applicato ID on the Pandorabots host
  • static String user_key: your Pandorabots API user key (available from
  • static boolean debug: A variable that tells the API whether to display debugging information.

MagicParameters also contains a pair of methods to read the global configuration data:

  • static void readParameters()
  • static void readParameters(String configFileName)

The first method looks for a file called config.txt in the current working directory. Use the second method if you want to specify a different file.

The parameters file config.txt should contain one parameter per line, with the format




The user_key and app_id are provided at as "User Key" and "Application ID respectively.


The class PandorabotsAPI is the core of the code to access the Pandorabots API. Please refer Java DOC of Pandorabots API.