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Rosie (chatbot base)

Rosie is a collection of AIML and AIML 2.0 files that form a solid base for any chatbot project. Rosie is a fork of the ALICE 2.0 project that has been optimized for use on the Pandorabots platform.

To try out Rosie, create an account and a new bot on the Playground, and upload the files found under the lib directory.

To begin customizing Rosie, try changing some of the values found in

For a more detailed description of Rosie's contents, please read the introductory blog post on the topic.

A note on updates: We will occasionally push changes to the Rosie repository in order to improve on the already existing content. We highly suggest that you watch the project to keep track of future updates.

Unless otherwise noted, future updates to Rosie will be placed in z_update.aiml. If you are already working with a version of Rosie, you should upload only this file to your bot. This will allow you to get the updates without overwriting files you may have done custom work on.