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Python node implementation for Pyrrha version of Pandora Boxchain
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Pyrrha Python Node

Python implementation of worker node for Pyrrha protocol for computations using AI kernels using hardware from providers. This version has:

  • Rebuilt architecture
  • Changed events listening logic.
  • Python 3.6+ support

Initial setup/update

    git clone --recurse-submodules

Preparing for launch

This version works in a testnet Ethereum environment Rinkeby.

  • Create Ethereum Rinkeby wallet by MetaMask
  • Send him at least 1ETH or get free ETH from Rinkeby faucet
  • For next steps please provide your Rinkeby wallet address for white-listing procedure


To pass the procedure, please provide to us your Rinkeby wallet address by creating issue or email us to:


At the moment, the node has a basic startup configuration, to work with actual consensus contracts from the main branch of the repository. Base pynode configuration file are located in pynode/core/config folder and contains basic settings for providing node launch.

Before first launch

    pip install -r requirements.txt

Worker Node contract creation

To start the node you need to create a working contract in a consensus environment. After confirmation of the white-listing of your Rinkeby wallet address please use our internal tool to create worker node contract and finish basic setup.

    cd tools
    python ./ -a <Your white-listed Rinkeby wallet address>

This tool will ask your for private key from your Rinkeby wallet and for local launch password.
It will create/overwrite pyrrha-pynode/vault/worker_node_key.pri file with your private key encrypted by provided password.
When tool finishes, contract address will be added to pyrrha-pynode/pynode/config/pynode.ini into the following field
worker_node= 'worker node contract address'


To prevent data loss, please make a backup of

  • Personal password for pynode launch
  • pyrrha-pynode/vault/worker_node_key.pri file
  • pyrrha-pynode/pynode/config/pynode.ini file

In case of loss, this data can not be restored!!!

Simple launch

Command for simple launch

    python -p '<Personal password for pynode launch>'

Launch information based on configs and initial settings will be printed to terminal for example:

   Configuration file path      : ..\pynode\core\config\pynode.ini
   Config reading success
   Pynode production launch
   Node launch mode             : 0
   Ethereum use                 : remote
   Ethereum host                :
   Worker node account owner    : 0x08eCFDAc62152BebFCD4C217aE7e377a8A2cAdc6
   Primary contracts addresses
   Pandora main contract        : 0x9f301cfd1217fd60e4244a12b1edffe458e8b9bd
   Worker node contract         : 0x6ac66706c9eF0b2A6eD6B471fb2d086d0C7BC055
   IPFS configuration
   IPFS use                     : pandora
   IPFS host                    :
   IPFS port                    : 5001
   IPFS file storage            : tmp
   Web socket enable            : False
   ABI folder path              : ../pyrrha-consensus/build/contracts/

and pynode perform launch in current console thread.
If everything is done correctly the current node state and blocks listening process will be displayed.

    (Thread-2  ) INFO: Contract WorkerNode initial state is Idle
    (Thread-2  ) INFO: POLL_INTERVAL : 15 sleep_time : 14.5 block_number : 2975447
    (Thread-2  ) INFO: POLL_INTERVAL : 15 sleep_time : 14.5 block_number : 2975448
    (Thread-2  ) INFO: POLL_INTERVAL : 15 sleep_time : 14.5 block_number : 2975449
    (Thread-2  ) INFO: POLL_INTERVAL : 15 sleep_time : 14.5 block_number : 2975450

Node is running and in standby mode.

Local tests launching

All tests is based in folder test and can be launched by


Use Docker

Current pynode version support creating Docker images.
When your double check yor launch settings its possible to create Docker image by docker-compose

    docker-compose build 

and for launch container

    docker-compose up

In current time launch command for docker is

    CMD ["python", "./", "-p","<your_vault_password>", "-c", "core/config/pynode.ini", "-i", "pandora", "-e", "remote", "-a", "../abi/"] 

which are duplicate default settings, your can config pynode as your needed and rebuild container with your launch parameters

Versions review

-- pynode ver 0.1.3, pynode-core ver 0.1.3

  • improve job working mechanism
  • improve filter events listener

-- pynode ver 0.1.2, pynode-core ver 0.1.2

  • update batches logic
  • refactor filter events
  • refactor kernel and dataset parsers

-- pynode ver 0.1.1, pynode-core ver 0.1.1

  • update web3 py to 4.2.1 version for pynode and tools
  • improve security and transaction methods
  • documents up to date

-- pynode ver 0.1.0-alpha, pynode-core ver 0.1.0-alpha

  • make installer for core module (current version is 0.1.0-alpha)

-- ver 0.1.1

  • at current version account logic are updated (Always satisfied but not mandatory) see more in logs

Knowing install problems

  • problem with web3 install (Failed building wheel for cytoolz)
    • solution :
    sudo apt-get install python3.6-dev
    sudo python3.6 -m pip install cytoolz
    sudo python3.6 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  • after pip installs package success and getting error on launch "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'Crypto'"
    • solution :
    pip uninstall crypto
    pip uninstall pycrypto
    pip install crypto
  • On Windows sometimes web3 cant import Crypto.Random
    • solution : Check for crypto package name and if its 'crypto' rename it to 'Crypto'
  • Sometimes pip unable to install keras and tensorflow.
    • in current version keras=2.0.8, tensorflow=1.3.0 are used.
    • solution: Try to install it manually from console.
  • The local ipfs daemon does not host a locally added file
    • solution : restart local daemon or ipfs node server

Preloaded test data

======== KERNEL =========

  • KERNEL for training on 48 epochs
    • contract: 0x0Cb9dBDe49be9040EAF2d200cDA874aF44bf7f29
  • KERNEL for training on 100 epochs
    • contract: 0x6b54fB95b48944f16b198706BEE7fdC6d0230Fe2
  • KERNEL for prediction
    • contract: 0x744cA86eD4A0ead226ABCAd6349FDbCfb82912c1

======== DATASET =========

  • DATASET for training on 48 epochs
    • contract: 0xfA80239654c087399D94B0FbFec2Cfb7280C16D9
  • DATASET for training on 100 epochs
    • contract: 0xcf18C44C1e41A47551A9c9f299ecB36E1F44083A
  • DATASET for predict (one batch with 100 items)
    • contract: 0x3f8542f22E715D8C840A7261aaa9323232EA8F63
  • DATASET for predict (one batch with 50 items)
    • contract: 0xc652aF842b37815D0B7FD8BEE15F28210Bf7e0DB
  • DATASET for predict (one batch with 10 items)
    • contract: 0x6Da1722bdDcfCB949087BaFA51f86ab6cAeB5413
  • DATASET for predict (two batches by 100 items)
    • contract: 0xE14D4e300DadD764687B906Eb8269304edFf9D28
  • DATASET for predict (three batches by 100 items)
    • contract: 0x69D3C2556EF35D59526C9Ab6814722Bde5A269C2

======== JOB EXAMPLES =========

JOB_TYPE   : Training
KERNEL     : 0x6b54fB95b48944f16b198706BEE7fdC6d0230Fe2
DATASET    : 0xcf18C44C1e41A47551A9c9f299ecB36E1F44083A
JOB_TYPE   : Prediction 
KERNEL     : 0x744cA86eD4A0ead226ABCAd6349FDbCfb82912c1
DATASET    : 0x3f8542f22E715D8C840A7261aaa9323232EA8F63
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