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Github ini berisi tentang source code pemrograman, android, desktop, dan website.

SEO Spesialist & Web Developer 👋

About Me

I am an SEO Specialist and Web Developer from Banjar City, West Java, working as a Freelancer for web development services, and an Informatics Engineering student. I like to process various kinds of data into information to be developed into an SEO Strategy in building a quality website.

What Im Doing

  1. SEO Planner 🎢 2. Web Development 👨‍💻 3. Freelancer 🤙 etc.


  1. E-Book-Pemrograman-Gratis E-Book-Pemrograman-Gratis Public

    Kumpulan E-Book Pemrograman Gratis, Belajar Coding Lengkap, Materi Pemrograman Web, E-Book Anak IT, E-Book Terbaru, Kali Linux, Angular JS, Android, HTML, CSS, Xamarin, GIT, Haskel, Javascript, VBA…

    16 17

  2. Licence-Blogger-Template Licence-Blogger-Template Public

    Original source code licence blogger template, encriptor, decriptor, and licence-code.

    HTML 3 1

  3. next-ubuntu next-ubuntu Public

    web portofolio design UI/UX on Ubuntu 20.04


  4. Relay-Automation Relay-Automation Public

    ESP 32 to control 8 relay, lcd oled, dht22, with blynk and manual switch



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