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Extensions and wrappers for using the Reactive Extensions (Rx) with F#.
F# C#
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.paket Bump version to 2.3.7
docs Another unrelated tutorial fix
nuget Logo added
src Merge branch 'marklam/master' into master
tests Merge branch 'marklam/master' into master
.gitattributes Apply ProjectScaffold structure.
.gitignore Remove AssemblyInfo.fs from source
.travis.yml Update .travis.yml [skip ci]
FSharp.Control.Reactive.ncrunchsolution add paket
FSharp.Control.Reactive.sln add paket
FSharp.Control.Reactive.v2.ncrunchsolution add paket
LICENSE.txt Initial commit. Maintainer sections added to README
build.cmd add paket
build.fsx Update build.fsx add paket
paket.dependencies Use FSharp.Core from NuGet
paket.lock Use FSharp.Core from NuGet

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