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Contains the files I use to setup vim for editing code.

Includes akitaonrails + jredville's dot-files.

= Usage

Clone this repo somewhere on your drive.

Then 'cd' into the repo and run this to get the snippets submodule:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Copy the contents to your home folder on Linux/Mac copy the contents of vimfiles to ~/.vim on Windows you can copy the contents to %HOME%\vimfiles

Put this in your .vimrc file (in your home folder) along with your personal hacks:

source ~/.vim/vimrc      "linux
source ~/vimfiles/vimrc  "windows

= Dependencies

You will need these dependencies figured out:

In Ubuntu, for example, you will have to do:

apt-get install exuberant-ctags ncurses-term

On Windows you have to download Ctags and add ctags.exe in your PATH.

Mac OS X and most Linux distros come with Ruby already. If you're in Windows look for Luis Lavena's latest Ruby Installer (

h2. Credits

  • Original project and most of the heavy lifting: @scrooloose
  • Hacks and some snippets: @akitaonrails
  • More hacks and snippets: @jredville