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Pangeo Helm Chart

Build Status

This is the helm chart for installing Pangeo.

This chart is mainly going to be a wrapper to subcharts along with custom resources to tie them together.

Chart dependencies:


First off you need helm if you don't have it already.

You also need to add the pangeo chart repository.

# Add repos
helm repo add pangeo

# Update repos
helm repo update

You then need to create a values.yaml file with your own config options in. As this chart is a collection of dependant charts you will need to refer to their configuration documentation for details. See the values.yaml file for more information.

# Install Pangeo
helm install pangeo/pangeo --version=<version> --name=<release name> --namespace=<namespace> -f /path/to/custom/values.yaml

# Apply changes to Pangeo
helm upgrade <release name> pangeo/pangeo -f /path/to/custom/values.yaml

# Delete Pangeo
helm delete <release name> --purge

Default user image

This Helm chart uses the pangeo/base-notebook Docker image as its default user image. This image is configured and maintained in the Pangeo-stacks repository and only includes a very basic environment. Pangeo-stacks includes other images that can be readily used by this chart.

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