Bee Colony Algorithm in Ruby
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Bee Colony Algorithm

This started out as a near-exact port of the C# code in this article.

What I've done so far

  • Made a number of simple changes to it to make it more Rubyish.
  • Renamed things a little.
  • I have tried to break apart the general algorithm from the Travelling Salesman example-specific code by moving that code into the TravellingSalesBee class. In fact there is very little problem-specific code in this example.
  • Instead of statically configuring the algorithm, I've added some simple code that adjusts the configuration as it progresses toward a solution.
  • Track some simple history and visually show what is actually happenning and how the configuration is affecting the algorithm

Dynamic Configuration

  • Start with a very high number of scout bees and rapidly reduce them as their usefulness decreases.
  • Eliminate scouts entirely once it becomes virtually impossible for them to stumble upon a better path
  • Start with a 0.0 error rate, then as a solution nears gradually raise the error rate as mutations become the primary source of progress.
  • Gradually reduce the persuasion rate as the solution nears to try to keep multiple strategies in play as much as possible.

Running it

The code requires Ruby 1.9.2 or preferably JRuby with the --1.9 option!