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ClojureScript well integrated with the AngularJS framework.


Clang includes an unmodified current release of AngularJS. It allows you to use ClojureScript data structures throughout your angular app and simplifies writing your controllers and directives, etc according to Angular's best practices. Clang integrates ClojureScript into all of Angular's built-in directives.


Clang defines a new $parse provider which is injected throughout Angular and used wherever Angular reads any properties from the scope. It also replaces the Angular $interpolate provider to enable the same thing in {{interpolated}} blocks in your app.

Those two changes enable all of Angular's built in directives to work with ClojureScript except for the ng-repeat which assumes Javascript arrays. Clang's clang-repeat fills that gap.

Show me

Here are a couple of bits of code clipped from the sample index.html

This bit calls the remaining function from the scope and applies the built-in count function to the todos vector:

      <span>{{(remaining)}} of {{(count todos)}} remaining</span>
      [ <a ng-click="(archive)">archive</a> ]

The relevant controller definitions:

(def.controller m TodoCtrl [$scope]
  (assoc! $scope :todos [{:text "learn angular" :done "yes"}
                         {:text "learn cljs" :done "yes"}
                         {:text "build an app" :done "no"}])
  (defn.scope remaining []
      (:todos $scope)
      (map :done)
      (remove #{"yes"})

Here's a slightly silly but kind of awesome example of building a table:

        <tr clang-repeat="group in (drop 1 (partition 3 nums))">
          <td clang-repeat="x in (map (juxt identity odd?) group)">
            {{(first x)}} is {{(if (last x) "odd" "even")}}

The relevant controller definitions:

(def.controller m TodoCtrl [$scope]
  (assoc! $scope :nums (range 1 10)))

Leiningen Dependency

Clang has not yet been released on clojars, but you can use it as a dependency by checking out the repo and adding a symlink to it under the magic checkouts folder in your project. See this discussion for details.

[clang "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"]

Try The Sample

lein cljsbuild auto dev
open resources/public/index.html


Copyright © 2013 Darrick Wiebe

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.


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