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This gem adds the Dust template and a corresponding assets engine to the asset pipeline in Rails => 3.1 applications.

For detailed information about Dust, visit


Add the following line to your Gemfile:

gem 'dust-rails'

Update your bundle:

bundle install


Place individual Dust template file in their own file with template_name.js.dust extension:

    /* app/assets/javascripts/dusts/demo.js.dust */

    Hello {name}! You have {count} new messages.

Which will be compiled and rendered as:

    (function(){dust.register("demo",body_0);function body_0(chk,ctx){return chk.write("Hello ").reference(ctx.get("name"),ctx,"h").write("! You have ").reference(ctx.get("count"),ctx,"h").write(" new messages.");}return body_0;})();

In your javascript files, require dust-core and your own template files. I recommend you put all the template files under assets/javascripts/dusts and require using require_tree for easy use.

    /* app/assets/javascripts/application.js */

    //= require dust-core
    //= require_tree ./dusts
    dust.render("demo", {name: "Fred", count: 10}, function(err, out) {

All done. Your template files will be compiled and registered.

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