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@@ -1,32 +1,73 @@
- by FIXME (your name)
- FIXME (url)
+ by Paul Wilson
-FIXME (describe your package)
+Utility to help set up and iPhone project for testing using code from {The Google Toolbox for Mac}[ (].
-* FIXME (list of features or problems)
+* Copies google test files into the "google_testing" directory
+* Creates a UnitTests directory
+* Adds Rakefile for compiling (via xcode) and reporting test failures (on console and via Growl)
+* Adds an 'autoiphonetest.rb' file for _autotest_ style running of all tests when a change has been detected.
+== TODO:
+There are a few more things I'd like this gem to do.
+* Generation of test stubs
+* Automatic setup of _Unit Test_ target through XCode (via automation?)
+* Automatic addition of test files to _Unit Test_ target
- FIXME (code sample of usage)
+From console cd to your project root directory. Type
+ % iphone_testify
+Unfortunately there are some manual stages needed to add a _Unit Test_ target to your Xcode project. This is based on the {Google Toolbox Wiki instructions}[]
+1. Create a new iPhone Target (Cocoa Touch Application) via "Project Menu > New Target..." called "Unit Test".
+2. Add all the ObjectiveC files that have been copied to your 'google_testing' directory to this target
+3. Add your project files to this target
+4. Add a new 'run script' build phase as the last step of your target build via "Project Menu > New Build Phase > New Run Script Build Phase", and dragging it to the end of the build steps if needed.
+5. Edit your Run Script Build Phase by double clicking it, and set the shell to "/bin/sh" and the script to "google_testing/"
+To autocompile/autorun all tests every time code changes
+ % ./autoiphonetest.rb
+To compile and run tests if code has changed since the last run
+ % rake
+To compile and run all tests even if nothing has changed since the last time
+ % rake test_all
-* FIXME (list of requirements)
+* OS X Leopard
+* XCode 3.1 (containing the iPhone SDK)
+* Ruby (comes on Leopard)
-* FIXME (sudo gem install, anything else)
+ % sudo gem sources -a # (you only need to do this once)
+ % sudo gem install paulanthonywilson-iphone_testify
+Contains file taken from {The Google Toolbox for Mac}[]. See skeleton/google_testing/GoogleToolboxForMac.license which is also copied into the google_testing directory.
(The MIT License)
-Copyright (c) 2008 FIXME (different license?)
+Copyright (c) 2008
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the
@@ -21,11 +21,14 @@ task :default => 'test:run' = 'iphone_testify'
PROJ.authors = 'Paul Wilson' = ''
-PROJ.url = 'FIXME (project homepage)'
+PROJ.url = ''
PROJ.version = IphoneTestify::VERSION
PROJ.exclude << '\.gitignore'
PROJ.notes.exclude = %w(^README\.txt$ ^data/)
PROJ.readme_file = 'README.rdoc'
+depend_on "paulanthonywilson-osx_filewatcher"
+depend_on "rake"

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