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+# NestedExceptions
+This simple library adds support for nested exceptions in Ruby.
+## Why?
+It can be really painful to debug a situation where a library rescues an
+exception and throws a different one, or when it has a bug in its
+exception handling logic. This gem goes a diving catch and recovers the
+The best way to learn more about this topic is to investigate the great
+source of information at the [Exceptional Ruby]( site.
+## How do I use it?
+The best way to use it is to simply add the following line of code to
+your project:
+ require 'nested_exceptions/global'
+That includes the NestedExceptions module in all of Ruby's base
+exception classes (except the Exception root class), magically enabling
+you to debug the trickiest, buggiest libraries.
+### I'm not sure I want to include it globally
+If you want to try it out without extending Ruby's exception classes,
+you can also do the following:
+ require 'nested_exceptions'
+ class MyException < StandardError
+ include NestedExceptions
+ end
+That will only extend your class and leave the rest of the exception
+classes untouched.
+## Does it change anything?
+Yes. A bit of extra information is added to your backtraces. In addition
+to the standard backtrace, you'll get a little bit of nesting
+ ruby examples/example.rb original
+ examples/example.rb:32:in `rescue in double_bug': oops (RuntimeError)
+ from examples/example.rb:30:in `double_bug'
+ from examples/example.rb:42:in `<main>'
+ ruby examples/example.rb nested
+ examples/example.rb:30:in `rescue in double_bug': oops (RuntimeError)
+ from --- cause: ErrorSpec::InternalError: problem
+ from examples/example.rb:20:in `rescue in problem'
+ from --- cause: RuntimeError: bug
+ from examples/example.rb:10:in `bug'
+ from examples/example.rb:14:in `nested_bug'
+ from examples/example.rb:18:in `problem'
+ from examples/example.rb:24:in `nested_problem'
+ from examples/example.rb:28:in `double_bug'
+ from examples/example.rb:35:in `<main>'
+It also adds two methods to the exception:
+* #root_cause: allows you to easily get the first exception
+* #cause: get the exception (if any) that may have caused this one
+## Gotchas
+Do not include the NestedExceptions module in a subclass before adding
+it to its superclass. That will cause the nested exceptions feature to
+deactivate itself to prevent a stack overflow.

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