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(defmacro abbrev [short long]
`(defmacro ~short [& args#]
`(~~long ~@args#)))
(defmacro abbrevs [& names]
~@(map (fn [[a b]]
`(abbrev ~a ~b))
(partition 2 names))))
;another case of clojure doing it better:
; Instead of an anaphoric macro a+ to make this cleaner:
(defn mass-cost [menu-price] (a+ menu-price (* it 0.05) (* it 3)))
; we've got -> or ->> :
(defn mass-cost [menu-price] (-> menu-price (* 0.05) (* 3)))
; anaphoric macros could be useful if the argument needs to be placed in
; various spots in the methods, though in my experience that's
; suprisingly unlikely. Anyway, here's a pretty clean way to do just
; that without introducing anaphorics:
(-> 3 (* 2) (* 2) (#(str "the result is " % "!")))
; umm actually on closer reading, the a+ macro is a weird combination of
; actions because its result adds up each intermediate result, a sort of
; subtotal macro...
(declare a+expand alist alist-expand)
; subtotal on chained functions
(defmacro a+ [& args]
(a+expand args nil))
; Note worth remembering: if I use `sym# instead of (gensym), the same
; symbol name is reused in subsequent recursions and breaks the
; algorithm.
; MORAL: use gensym only when doing recursion!
(defn a+expand [args syms]
(if args
(let [it 'it sym (gensym)]
`(let [~sym ~(first args)
~it ~sym]
~(a+expand (next args) (concat syms (list sym)))))
`(+ ~@syms)))
(defmacro alist [& args]
(alist-expand args nil))
(defn alist-expand [args syms]
(if args
(let [it 'it sym (gensym)]
`(let [~sym ~(first args)
~it ~sym]
~(alist-expand (next args) (concat syms (list sym)))))
`(list ~@syms)))
; clearly a pattern here...
; this is one variation of the pattern but not the one I'd do:
; I'm not sure how to get clojure to look up my symbol name in the
; current namespace. Not going to dig into that for now, so the
; following single arg version does not work.
; Struggled with the following exception again:
; Can't use qualified name as parameter: user/argh
; The problem was that I had to change
; `(defmacro ~name [& argh] (anaphex argh (list ~expr)))))
; to
; `(defmacro ~name [& argh#] (anaphex argh# (list ~expr)))))
; or
; `(defmacro ~name [& ~'argh] (anaphex ~'argh (list ~expr)))))
; to prevent argh from expanding to user/argh.
(declare anaphex)
(defmacro defaneph
; broken
`(defmacro ~name [& argh#] (anaphex argh# ~(symbol (subs (str name) 1)))))
([name expr]
`(defmacro ~name [& argh#] (anaphex argh# (list ~expr)))))
(defn anaphex [args expr]
(if args
(let [it 'it sym (gensym)]
`(let [~sym ~(first args)
~it ~sym]
~(anaphex (next args) (concat expr (list sym)))))
(defaneph a+ +)
(defaneph al list)
(defaneph av vector)
(a+ 10 (* it 0.15) it)
(al 10 (* it 0.15) it) ; not sure why this doesn't work... (eval `(~list 1 2)) doesn't either...
(av 10 (* it 0.15) it)
(declare anaphex2 anaphex3)
(defmacro defaneph
([name expr] `(defaneph ~name ~expr :all))
([name expr rule]
(let [args `args#
body (case rule
:all `(anaphex ~args (list ~expr))
:first `(anaphex2 '~expr ~args)
; :place `(anaphex3 '~expr ~args)
`(defmacro ~name [& ~args] ~body))))
(defn anaphex2 [op args]
`(let [~'it ~(first args)]
(~op ~'it ~@(next args))))
; Not implementing anaphex3 since it's about mutating a global...