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(defmacro nil! [var] `(def ~var nil))
(require 'clojure.pprint)
(let [a 1 b 2 c 3]
(pprint [
`(a b ~c ('~(+ a b c)) (+ a b) 'c '((~a ~b)))
(defmacro nif [expr pos zero neg]
(< 0 ~expr) ~pos
(= 0 ~expr) ~zero
(< ~expr 0) ~neg))
(map #(nif % 'p 'z 'n) [0 2.5 -8])
`(hello there)
#_(defmacro memq [x choices] `(member ~x ~choices :test eq))
(defmacro wwhile [test & body]
`(loop []
(when (~test) (recur))))
(defmacro mac [expr] `(clojure.pprint/pprint (macroexpand-1 '~expr)))
(defmacro our-dolist [[var list & result] & body]
(for [~var ~list] ~@body)
~(if result)
(let [~var nil] ~result)))
(our-dolist (x '(a b c)) (print x))
(let [op +]
(defmacro addd [a b] `(~op ~a ~b)))
(addd 1 2)
(defn make-initforms [bindforms]
(mapcat (fn [b] (if (list? b)
(list (first b) (second b))
(list b nil)))
; (make-initform ((w 3) (x 1 (inc x)) (y 2 (inc y)) (z)))
(defn make-recurform [bindforms]
(map (fn [b] (if (list? b)
(last b)
; (make-recurform ((w 3) (x 1 (inc x)) (y 2 (inc y)) (z)))
; I can't make this work... I don't know how to (or if it's possible to)
; delay the execution of make-initforms so that it can be spliced into a
; vector, or to execute make-initform in time that loop sees that it is
; being given a vector (by the macro)...
; ...entire day later...
; HOLY SHIT. I read the helper functions for this macro as macros
; themselves but they are just normal functions. OOPS!
; I guess the idea that a macro could call a function I just defined
; seemed strange so I dismissed the idea that the helpers should be
; regular functions early on and debugged on that assumption and the
; idea that I could get a second pass from the macroexpander if I needed
; it. Learned a lot I think.
(defmacro our-do [bindforms [test & result] & body]
; make-initformsis being called during the creation of the macro
; instead of when it is executed???
`(loop ~(vec (make-initforms bindforms))
(if ~test
(recur ~@(make-recurform bindforms))))))
; At least it works.
(our-do ((w 3) (x 1 (inc x)) (y 2 (inc y)) (z)) ; set up 4 loop variables
((> x 10) (println z) y) ; code to run & return when exiting loop
(println (str w "-> " x " -> " y " & " z))) ; loop body
; clarity over efficiency in macros. They never expand at critical times in
; typical programs.
(defmacro our-and [& args]
(case (count args)
0 true
1 (first args)
`(if ~(first args) (our-and ~@(rest args)))))
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