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CouchDBAdapter for Ember-Data
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CouchDBAdapter for ember data

CouchDBAdapter for Ember Data. This adapter communicates with a CouchDB backend as specified in It currently offers support for the basic operations to create, update and delete a record. find and findMany are also implemented out of the box. To make findAll working, you need to add a view named by-ember-type in your design document, which' map function should look like this:

function(doc) {

where the ember_type property represents the type of entity for the specific document.

Because CouchDB expects the revision of a document to be submitted on every update of a document, it needs to be specified on every model. There is a mixin CouchDBModel for that:

App.MyModel = DS.Model(CouchDBModel, {
  name: DS.attr('string')

This will add a property rev of type string to the App.MyModel definition.

Now you're setup to use the CouchDBAdapter in your Ember.js application:

App = Ember.Application.create(); = DS.Store.create({
  adapter: DS.CouchDBAdapter.create({
    db: 'db-name',
    designDoc: 'app'
  revision: 4

You have to specify the name of the database with the db property - and if you want to use findAll, you'll have to set the name of the design document with the designDoc property.

Get started

$ git clone
$ cd ember-couchdb-adapter
$ bundle install

Now the project is initialized.

Run the tests

$ bundle exec rake test


$ open http://localhost:9292/tests/index.html && bundle exec rackup


$ bundle exec rake autotest # if you're on a Mac

Upload latest version to GitHub

Invoke rake upload_latest to upload the latest version to GitHub Downloads.

This library is based on the ember-library-template.

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