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Ember.js Dashboard

This is the repo for Ember.js Dashboard, which shows the activity of the community unified at one glance. It aggregates the latest stuff from Twitter, events in the ember.js GitHub repository, latest questions on StackOverflow and stuff from reddit/emberjs.

I wrote this dashboard because I constantly hit those 4 pages in intervals of 1 minute, just to see if there's something new. With this dashboard I can check out all this 4 times more in the minute 😔


The project is organized with the layout from the excellent interline/ember-skeleton.

To hack around clone this very repo and do a bundle install and afterwards a simple bundle exec rackup to start your local server. Then go to http://localhost:9292, hack around and hit refresh to see the changes.

Pull Requests are very welcome! Questions? Find me on Twitter @pangratz.

Deploy your own dashboard

There is a deploy task in the Rakefile. Simply execute bundle exec rake deploy and the dashboard will be pushed to the gh-pages branch in your ember.js-dashboard repository, which is afterwards available via ...

Holy Moly.