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irc-log-viewer Build Status

This is a viewer for IRC logs which are stored in a CouchDB. It's basically a couchapp using Ember.js. Demo? Here you go: (transcript of #emberjs channel)

Awesome stuff used

Stored IRC messages

The IRC messages saved in the CouchDB have the following format:

   "user": {
       "id": "123",
       "name": "GOB"
   "text": "Come on!",
   "date": "2012-12-21T12:34:56.789Z"

One example of filling the CouchDB with the IRC messages would be a Hubot configured with the script and using an IRC Adapter

CouchDB Views

The messages view returns all messages, where the key is the date structured as an array with the year as first element, month as second and so forth. This allows you to get messages for a specific period.

Front end

Inside the app folder is the basic application.



  • installed Ruby
  • installed CouchDB where app can be deployed or use a free hosting service like the excellent Iris Couch
  • installed couchapp command line tool for easy pushing of the app to a CouchDB, see installation


  • Clone this repo, obviously
  • execute bundle install
  • Tests are in located in the tests folder
  • Execute bundle execute rackup to start test server
  • Access http://localhost:4020/tests.html to execute the tests


  • Execute bundle execute rake test to run the tests from command line


  • execute bundle execute rake build
  • push the Couchapp to your CouchDB; if you have couchapp installed, do a couchapp push http://localhost:5984/irc
  • access the IRC log viewer at http://localhost:5984/irc/_design/viewer/index.html
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