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#ifndef MD5_H
#define MD5_H
typedef unsigned char byte; // 1 byte = 8 bits (unsigned)
typedef unsigned short word16; // 2 byte = 16 bits (unsigned)
typedef unsigned int word32; // 4 byte = 32 bits (unsigned)
typedef int s_word32; // 4 byte = 32 bits (signed)
struct BrokenMD5Context {
word32 buf[4];
word32 bits[2];
unsigned char in[64];
void BrokenMD5Init(struct BrokenMD5Context *context);
void BrokenMD5Update(struct BrokenMD5Context *context, unsigned char const *buf,
unsigned len);
void BrokenMD5Final(byte digest[16], struct BrokenMD5Context *context);
void BrokenMD5Transform(word32 buf[4], word32 const in[16]);
* This is needed to make RSAREF happy on some MS-DOS compilers.
typedef struct BrokenMD5Context BrokenMD5_CTX;
#endif /* !MD5_H */
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