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1 parent 3db8a99 commit 33f5ce7925d5bfc435b36070ee61fd187c3604b9 Zachary Schneirov committed Feb 4, 2010
@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ - (NSRect)windowWillUseStandardFrame:(NSWindow *)sender defaultFrame:(NSRect)def
NSRect newFrame = [sender frame];
NSSize intercellSpacing = [bookmarksTableView intercellSpacing];
- newHeight = [bookmarksTableView numberOfRows] * ([bookmarksTableView rowHeight] + intercellSpacing.height);
+ newHeight = MAX(1, [bookmarksTableView numberOfRows]) * ([bookmarksTableView rowHeight] + intercellSpacing.height);
oldHeight = [[[bookmarksTableView enclosingScrollView] contentView] frame].size.height;
newHeight = [sender frame].size.height - oldHeight + newHeight;
@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@
#include "BufferUtils.h"
#include <string.h>
-//#include "CarbonFSErrorStrings.h"
static const unsigned char gsToLowerMap[256] = {
'\0', 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0x05, 0x06, 0x07, 0x08, '\t',
@@ -1,46 +0,0 @@
- * CarbonFSErrorStrings.h
- * Notation
- *
- * Created by Zachary Schneirov on 4/22/06.
- * Copyright 2006 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
- *
- */
-#include <Carbon/Carbon.h>
-static OSStatus errorCodes[] = { dirFulErr, dskFulErr, nsvErr, ioErr, bdNamErr, fnOpnErr, eofErr, posErr, mFulErr, tmfoErr, fnfErr, wPrErr,
- fLckdErr, vLckdErr, fBsyErr, dupFNErr, opWrErr, paramErr, rfNumErr, gfpErr, volOffLinErr, permErr, volOnLinErr, nsDrvErr,
- noMacDskErr, extFSErr, fsRnErr, badMDBErr, wrPermErr, noDriveErr, dirNFErr, tmwdoErr, badMovErr, wrgVolTypErr, volGoneErr,
- fsDSIntErr, userCanceledErr, kCoderErr, kJournalingError, kWriteJournalErr, kNoAuthErr, kCompressionErr, kPassCanceledErr,
- fidNotFound, fidExists, notAFileErr, diffVolErr, catChangedErr, sameFileErr,
- badFidErr, notARemountErr, fileBoundsErr, fsDataTooBigErr, volVMBusyErr, badFCBErr, errFSUnknownCall, errFSBadFSRef, errFSBadForkName,
- errFSBadBuffer, errFSBadForkRef, errFSBadInfoBitmap, errFSMissingCatInfo, errFSNotAFolder, errFSForkNotFound, errFSNameTooLong,
- errFSMissingName, errFSBadPosMode, errFSBadAllocFlags, errFSNoMoreItems, errFSBadItemCount, errFSBadSearchParams, errFSRefsDifferent,
- errFSForkExists, errFSBadIteratorFlags, errFSIteratorNotFound, errFSIteratorNotSupported, errFSQuotaExceeded, afpAccessDenied };
-//implied "because"
-//this is about 1 VM page of data
-static char *errorStrings[] = { "the directory is full", "the disk is full", "the volume does not exist", "there was a problem accessing the disk media",
- "the name was bad", "the file is not open", "the end of the file was reached", "a negative file position offset was specified",
- "the file won't fit in memory", "there are too many open files", "the file wasn't found", "the media is write-protected", "the file is locked",
- "the volume is locked", "the file is still in use", "a file with the same name already exists", "the file is already open for writing",
- "a parameter was invalid", "the file reference number is invalid", "the file position offset couldn't be obtained",
- "the volume is no longer present", "the file is locked", "the disk is already mounted", "a non-existent drive was referenced",
- "the disk is not mac-formatted", "the volume's file system type is not handled", "there was a problem in the middle of renaming",
- "the master directory block is bad", "the file's permissions prevent you from writing", "the drive is not installed",
- "the directory was not found", "there are too many open working directories", "folders cannot be moved into folders that they contain",
- "the volume is of the wrong type", "the server volume disconnected", "there was a problem with the file system driver software", "the operation was cancelled",
- "the data could not be unserialized", "the write-ahead log file could not be initialized", "the write-ahead log couldn't be appended-to",
- "authentication failed", "the data couldn't be decompressed", "you did not enter a passphrase", "the specified file ID was not found on the file system",
- "the file ID already exists on the file system", "a file was in fact a folder", "the files are on different volumes", "the catalog changed unexpectedly",
- "the file's contents were attempted to be exchanged with itself", "the file doesn't match the file ID number", "the volume was improperly remounted",
- "the file was accessed outside of its bounds", "the file or volume is too large", "the volume is in use by the virtual memory subsystem",
- "the file control block table was improperly accessed", "the file system call is unknown", "the file system reference is no longer valid",
- "an invalid fork name was specified", "a buffer was uninitialized", "an invalid fork number was specified", "invalid file catalog information was requested",
- "the catalog information buffer was uninitialized", "a folder was in fact a file", "the file's requested fork doesn't exist",
- "the requested name is too long to be valid", "the file doesn't have a name", "an invalid positioning mode was specified for accessing the file",
- "the file was improperly allocated", "the were no more items to find", "no items were requested to be read from the directory",
- "the search parameters are invalid", "the file system references are different", "the file already has a fork",
- "invalid parameters were passed when iterating over the directory", "the specified directory iterator is invalid", "the directory iterator was used improperly",
- "you have exceeded your disk quota", "your account lacks permission to access the directory" };

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