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⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ This project is work in progress and should not be used in production ! ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️


The SimpleCiShop is an ecommerce web application based on the famous CodeIgniter framework.

It's being currently refactored to run with PHP >=7.2 and CodeIgniter ^3.1.

The shop was fully functional since I have used it to sell myself products; actually the products you see in the demo site are real, and I used to sell them.

I was not satisfied with the other open source ecommerce systems that were in the market that time - neither am I now - so I decided to build my own simple shopping cart.

There is a lot of stuff to be done.


  • Nested Categories translatable with html description
  • Products with image upload (unlimited) and translatable html description
  • New price option - like a discount which strikes through the old price
  • Product variables - you can set as any variables as you like at any product which are also reusable but not yet very much implemented
  • Discount Coupons - The system can generate discount coupons with a certain discount which can be used by the customers at an order to get a discount

Directory Structure

The directory structure is mainly the CodeIgniter structure. There are a few things that are outside of that.

public/assets - Contains js / fonts

public/images - Contains the images of the products

public/theme - Contains the css and the images of the frontend website (notice that the website is not themeable yet)

public/uploads - Uploaded images that are used in the Product details/description

application/controllers/admin - The admin (backend) application controllers

application/controllers/shop - The shop (frontend) application controllers


  • Clone the project git clone
  • Import the simplecishop.sql to your MySQL/MariaDB server
  • Change the 'database connectivity settings' in the application/config/database.php file according to your needs
  • Change into the project directory and run composer install
  • Your Docroot directory should be the public directory. If you have another Docroot configuration i.e. public_html you could create a symlink like this: ln -s public public_html.
  • Copy the config.example.php to config.php and edit it according to your setup.
  • Browse to http://localhost/your/webserver/path/SimpleCiShop/index.php/shop/home.
  • To access the administration visit http://localhost/your/webserver/path/SimpleCiShop/index.php/admin/catalog.

Database structure

See simplecishop.sql


See Project


A simple ecommerce system based on codeigniter




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