This repo tries to professionalize the current PHP logo, offering versions that fit print / web / broadcast standards, containing vector-, pixel- and css-based versions.
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What ?

The current PHP logo is a really lovely one, it is highly accepted and has its own charme, transports a history and a feeling. The logo clearly communicates what's going on, it does the job. But: It has a common problem most once-small-now-big brands have: The brand becomes huge and professional, the visual identity stays amateur.

The logo has not been built by experts, sure, because the people behind PHP are not logo designers. The visual identity of a brand is much more important than you think, and creating a logo is much more difficult and more complex than most people can imagine. It's a profession.

The logo breaks several design guidelines, is unsuited for print processes, hard to scale and in general not the most beautiful thing. In the process of making PHP more modern, more accepted and more professional, it might be useful to create an modernized version of the current logo.

The goal of this project

  1. Helping (!) the official PHP crew with professional brand identity guidance
  2. Finding PHP-related design/brand experts who supervise the visual identity of PHP
  3. Creating a professional, modernized version of the current PHP logo
  4. OPTIONAL: Centralize and professionalize the Look & Feel of PHP


  1. Respect the current logo! The goal is NOT to create a totally new logo or branding, the goal is to guide the current one into 2015+, respecting the history of PHP, respecting the brand, the community and the overall identity.
  2. This is an unoffical project, but if the results are good, they will hopefully be accepted by Rasmus Lerdorf, and the community in general.
  3. Please commit only if you are a design professional and you know the details of professional logo creation.
  4. This is a non-commercial project. Nobody gets money for it.
  5. All results (final or in-development) are open-source.
  6. The logo should fit current print/web/broadcast standards and should contains vector-, pixel- and css-based versions (css-only and icon-fonts).

The way to go...

Potential way to go: On JSConf EU 2011 a logo for JavaScript has been announced - and it has become highly accepted by the community.

If you need a PHP logo right now

  1. Find the .svg version of the current logo here:

  2. A professional-looking variation of the current one, .png:

php logo way to go

Side-fact: The above logo has been used in the official PHP article on english Wikipedia! Looks like that's the right way to go.