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Goodies for mu4e

mu4e (mu for emacs)is a full-feature email client runs inside emacs. Here are some extensions/hacks of mu4e used by myself.


This extension add indicators to mode-line to show the status of the following 3 variables:

  1. mu4e-headers-full-search
  2. mu4e-headers-show-threads
  3. mu4e-headers-include-related

mu4e-goodies-lync(Windows only)

This extension let you open lync chat window directly from mu4e. Note that because it's is implemented only by open URI like, so technically the registed application for sip will be opened(which on Windows will usually be Lync).

Way to use:

  1. Move cursor to any contacts in mu4e:view mode
  2. Press L to open Lync chat window with the contact

Or, press L in message body of mu4e:view mode will open a chat window with the sender.


This extension provides simple signature switch function for mu4e.

Way to use:

  1. Put signatures you may want to use to mu4e-goodies-signatures
  2. Press Ctrl-c s(predefined key-binding) to switch between signatures when composing emails in mu4e


This extension provides some hacks to mu4e to change some default behaviors of mu4e.

  1. Allow a mu4e-view buffer detached from mu4e-header so that it will be retained in a seperated window or frame. To use this function, press ' under mu4e-view mode.
  2. Always put attachements to the bottom of mail
  3. Quickly add last query to bookmarks
  4. TODO Remove duplicated signatures and mail headers which are very common in mails sent by Outlook before sent.
  5. Make the highlight of message in header view retained even when viewing the message, so we can distinguish which mail is read now.
  6. Fontify the signatures
  7. Using "\M-d" to quickly delete the whole address in to/cc field no matter the positon of the cursor
  8. Remove extra blanklines which is annoying in mails generated by Outlook/Exchange
   mu4e-compose-mode-map "\M-d" (lambda () (interactive)
   (mu4e-goodies-wrapped-delete 'kill-word))) 
  1. Quickly add(M)/remove(M)/search(k) flag to mails


Some actions maybe useful to you.

  1. Show the whole thread of current email. This is bound to o in headers and message view by default.
  2. View the current email's html part by mu4e-html2text-command. This is bound to t in message view.
  3. Quick search all emails sent by current email's sender. This is bound to x in message view.
  4. Lync with all contacts in the current email. This is bound to L in message view.
  5. Create org todo/meeting from current message. This is bounded to n/m in message view


Inform you when your mail contains some keywords (like attachment) while the coordinate feature is not found (like the mail doesn't get an attachment).

By far, the extension support 2 kinds of check:

  1. check-attach: Whether or not the mail has an attachment
  2. check-cc: Whether or not the mail has at least one Cc recipients

To use this extension, you may have to customize the variable mu4e-goodies-keywords.


Provide usable functions for tag emails

  1. Action(a) to add tags in message view
  2. Shortcut(G) to mark to add tags in header view
  3. Show tags in header view like: [TAG] Subject...