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Stripe Starter Service

This project offers a Spring Boot Starter and a Java service that allows users to access the rich API provided by the Stripe Payment Gateway and offers an opinionated but limited functionality of using payment gateway.

To use in your project

In a Spring Boot app:

The Spring Boot Starter can be used in your Spring Boot application by being added as a dependency your application's pom.xml.


This transitively pulls in the StripeService described below. The Demo project can be viewed to see usage of the starter project. Then in your application.yml:

  enabled: true
  apiKey: <your-key-here-from->

In any Spring managed service:

  import com.technochord.stripe.service.StripeService;

  private StripeService stripeService;

  //The injected stripeService is ready to go
  stripeService.createCustomer("", "A new Pilot Customer", "GENERAL");

In a plain Java application (with no Spring based dependency injection):

The StripeService can be used in your plain java application by being added as a dependency your application's pom.xml. Note that there is no dependency on the SpringFramework with this approach:


In any class that belongs to your project:

  import com.technochord.stripe.service.StripeService;

  //New up a service and obtain an apiKey from
  StripeService stripeService = new StripeService(stripeApiKey);

  //Use stripeService methods
  stripeService.createCustomer("", "A new Pilot Customer", "GENERAL");

Most Common Use Cases are covered by this service.

Related Plog Post

Please see here for the motivation for this project.


  • A Stripe Customer represents a user who's using the payment gateway to make a payment.
  • A Payment Source is applied to a Customer. A Customer can have several Payment Sources but only one default at a time. StripeService only supports a Payment Source of type Credit Card currently. A Payment Source is also called a Token.
  • Stripe provided client side Javascript (called Elements) can be used to enter credit card info in the browser or mobile device and submit the form info to your application. The payload that is sent by submitting the form carries in it a Token that can be supplied to the appropriate API call.
  • A Plan should be created on the Stripe dashboard and there you could specify frequency, price, period.
  • A Coupon should be created on the Stripe dashboard and there you could specify duration, discount amount and period.
  • A Subscription ties a Customer to a Plan. A Customer can subscribe to only one subscription at a time.
  • A Payment Source (aka credit card info), needs to recorded against a Customer before he can subscribe to a Plan.
  • A Customer can have at most, one payment source at a time.
  • If a customer needs to subscribe to a new Plan, a new subscription needs to be created and the old subscription is (automatically) canceled. Invoices generated by the old subscription are still available.
  • A Discount is applied (via a Coupon) to a Customer and Invoices that are generated apply the coupon discount based on what coupon is applied on the Customer at that time.

Pre Conditions

  • The e-commerce site (that intends to use this service to access Stripe Payment Gateway) has created a (business) account at Stripe.

  • A Product has been configured at Stripe.

  • The Subscription Plans have been configured on Stripe. This will determine how much you intend to ask your customers to pay and at what frequency.

  • Coupons have been (optionally) created at Stripe. These can be applied or removed from Customers. Coupons can also be used to specify trial periods and discounts.

  • An Email address is needed to create a customer. (The validitity of the email address is not guaranteed by this service)

Common Use Cases

The use cases that can currently be addressed are below. See Tests for examples of most of these use case.

  • Create a Stripe Customer and record the Stripe customerId in your application (possibly against a User object in your application).

      String customerId = stripeService.createCustomer("", "a description");
  • Associate a Payment Source to this customer.

      stripeService.addOrReplacePaymentSourceForCustomer(customerId, "tok_amex");
      - OR -
      stripeService.addOrReplacePaymentSourceForCustomer(customerId, "tok_visa");
  • Remove a Payment Source for a Customer:

  • Allow a user to select and subscribe to a pre-configured plan (on

      String subscriptionId = stripeService.createSubscriptionForCustomerAndCharge("", "monthly-plan");
  • Check to see if any customer is delinquent (Scheduled payment has been declined or the card expired).

      boolean isDelinquent = stripeService.isCustomerDelinquent(customerId);
  • Change subscription plan

    	//Create a customer
    	String customerId = stripeService.createCustomer("", "a description");
    	//Add a payment source
    	stripeService.replacePaymentSourceForCustomer(customerId, "tok_amex");
    	//Create a subscription against a plan and charge the customer
    	String subscriptionId = stripeService.createSubscriptionForCustomerAndCharge("", "monthly-plan");
    	//Check the invoiced amount is correct
    	Invoice invoice = stripeService.getLatestInvoiceForSubscription(subscriptionId);
    	Assert.assertTrue(invoice.getAmountPaid() == 100);
    	//Apply a coupon to the customer that is configured to extend a discount of 10% 
    	stripeService.applyCouponToCustomer(customerId, "TEST_COUPON_ID");
    	//Subscribe again
    	String reSubscriptionId = stripeService.createSubscriptionForCustomerAndCharge("", "monthly-plan");
    	// Check invoice.. should be the discounted amount
    	Invoice reInvoice = stripeService.getLatestInvoiceForSubscription(reSubscriptionId);
    	Assert.assertTrue(reInvoice.getAmountPaid() == 90);
  • Cancel subscription for a customer.

  • Allow a user to change their credit card info

    Note that the credit card info is not stored in Stripe service because client side tokenization is being used. The Stripe supplied Elements package, accepts credit card info from the user and returns a unique token that is can be recorded against the customer using the below API call:

      stripeService.replacePaymentSourceForCustomer(customerId, "tok_amex");
  • Change customer's email address

    Can change the email address to an address that is not already assigned to an existing customer.

      stripeService.changeCustomerEmail(customerId1, "");
  • See list of Coupons available.

      List<Coupon> couponList = stripeService.listAllCoupons();
  • Apply a coupon to a customer

      stripeService.applyCouponToCustomer(customerId, "TEST_COUPON_ID");
  • See a list of invoices for a customer

      List<Invoice> invoiceList = stripeService.listAllInvoices();

To build

  mvn clean install
  //Skip gpg signing
  mvn clean install -Dgpg.skip=true

To run integration tests

  cd stripe-service
  mvn clean test -Dgpg.skip=true -Dtest=StripeApplicationIntegrationTests -Dstripe.apiKey=<your-key-here>

Adding Project Lombok Agent

This project uses Project Lombok to generate getters and setters etc. Compiling from the command line this shouldn't cause any problems, but in an IDE you need to add an agent to the JVM. Full instructions can be found in the Lombok website. The sign that you need to do this is a lot of compiler errors to do with missing methods and fields.


Allows users to access Stripe Payment Gateway API via an opinionated java service and an accompanying Spring Boot Starter







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