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Espruino Visual Studio Code project template
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Using Espruino in Visual Studio Code with TypeScript build

Espruino is JavaScript framework for microcontrollers:

This is attepmt to use VSC as alternative IDE for Espruino.


  • npm install espruino -g

Under Windows you may need to install npm install windows-build-tools -g for espruino to build properly espruino is set as dev. dependency, if you installed it globaly run npm link espruino in project folder, else run npm install before using


  1. in src folder put all .ts files (you can have multiple)
  2. in board.json you can set your board port and speed
  3. ctrl+shift+b to build with tsc, it will generate single file Output.js
  4. open NPM SCRIPTS buttom of VSC explorer tree
  5. use upload to send upload to the board
  6. use console to open REPL

you can adjust tsconfig.json to change target to es5 if some of es6 fatures are not yet supported by Espruino


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