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Useful R Functions in Julia
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This package adds some R flavors to Julia. Many functions have been used by statisticians for a long time and are just "right" for statistics.

This package provides

  • list, which is more flexible than Dict. Its elements can be accessed by either names or numbers;
  • R-like array construction functions: seq,rep, matrix, array, outer, expand_grid;
  • table. The difference with counts from StatsBase is it can print out levels as well as counts;
  • Handy functions such as duplicated, findinterval, setequal, head, tail and sweep
  • *apply series functions
  • More to come...

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Naming tradition

  • The dot "." in R functions will be replaced by underscore "_"
  • Functions will be lower cases to follow Julia tradition (debatable)

This package is still under development. All feature requests and comments are welcome.

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