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Apple Remote CLI

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Apple Remote protocol console application. Using console control your iTunes.

What's this

Apple Remote Cli like Apple Remote App( iOS ). It is a command-line program, so you can use it to control your iTunes, it's cool!

This tool includes a command line character ui. It can display song and states. You can use a shortcut key like Vim to control iTunes.

About Matches

This project not supported with iTunes recognition and matching. Very sad. You need to add a --auth= parameter,requires you to manually capture matching data.

(!) 由于使用 PHP 编写,无法直接调用相关系统API,也没有找到与 Bonjour 服务通信的方法,
更无法抢占设备的 mDNS 端口。所以该命令实现目前需要使用 iOS 设备遥控器配对数据。**


  • PHP 5.5 or later


Download the library using composer:

$ composer require panlatent/apple-remote-cli


Use a command:

$ apple-remote-cli play/next/last/vol [-+]value

Run player:

$ apple-remote-cli player

The player command will open a character UI. Use a key control iTunes:

q Quit | p Play/Pause | j Next | k Last | s Switch Shuffle | r Switch Repeat

Character UI is a single process. This means that it is affected by network (HTTP Request).

We have an experimental option --gui, it will open a GUI window. :) Help we improve.


The Apple Remote CLI is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.