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All example code stands under Apache License 2

 What is Jeannie?

We from Pannous developed several features for our Voice Agent called
Jeannie, which is available for Android, Mac and iOS:

 What is the android-service-example?

In the example you see how to use our voice actions service from android.


1. clone the repository
2. Import into Eclipse (do you need NetBeans support too?)
3. Run & Try out

 What is the android-plugin?

This is a demo of how to extend Jeannie - for Android only at the moment.
With the server its possible to send your spoken words from Jeannie 
to any browser!


1. Download and install Jeannie

2. Create an Android project and install plugin4android on your Android 
   device. Customize the IP to point to the local node.js server.
   Otherwise it will use our test instance at

3. Optionally:
   Install nodejs v0.6.2 and npm for the server.
   Then install the following packages:
   express jade nib stylus
   Then start the node.js server

4. Now start the web2voice plugin and click the button.
   Start a browser (which supports web sockets) on any operating system 
   and point it to or your custom address. 
   Your spoken words should pop up in (near) real time in the browser!

5. Put the server anywhere on the web and impress your friends!


Add more tests and features if you like!
The jasmine tests are located at /spec/*.spec.js


Let us know your idea we'll mention it here and/or fork it
and we might even incorporate it into the official Jeannie etc!