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The Photon and Neutron Open Science Cloud (PaNOSC) is a cluster of ESFRI Research Institutes which proposes to align the efforts of the existing and new photon and neutron sources to make FAIR data a reality and link up to the European Open Science Cloud.

PaNOSC is financed by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme INFRAEOSC-04 call under grant agreement No 823852.


PaNOSC calendar

We now have a PaNOSC Calendar for all PaNOSC and related events. Please add events to the calendar if they are related to PaNSOC.

PaNOSC at the ESFRI-EOSC liaison meeting


Rudolf Dimper presenting the PaNOSC project at the ESFRI-EOSC Liaison meeting in London (

PaNOSC kick-off meeting a big success

PaNOSC project members

More than 70 PaNOSC project members attended the kick off at the ESRF in Grenoble. The slides are available online. The meeting was a great success with all work packages starting to plan and work together. Users attending gave positive feedback on the project and its usefulness for their work. Links were strengthened between PaNOSC and the national RIs and the EOSC via the EOSC-Hub, Geant and EUDAT (B2Find).

**PaNOSC kick-off meeting 15+16 January @ EPN Campus

PaNOSC kickoff

PaNOSC will officially kick off with the first plenary meeting to take place in Grenoble @ the ESRF on the EPN Campus. The programme is available online. We look forward to meeting everyone face 2 face at last and working on kick starting the work packages.

PaNOSC present at LaserLab meeting on Data Management and Open Data

PaNOSC kickoff

PaNOSC was represented at the Workshop on Data Handling and Open Data held on the 7 December 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. PaNOSC members gave 3 talks:

PaNOSC officially kicked off the 1 December 2018 !!!

PaNOSC kickoff

The PaNOSC kickoff meeting is the 15+16 January 2019 at the ESRF.

Registration is open - please register if you are planning on attending!


The cluster is composed of photon and neutron research infrastructures that belong to the European Strategic Forum of Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) or the European Consortium of Research Infrastructures (ERIC):

PaNOSC is coordinated by the ESRF.


  • Participate in the construction of the EOSC by linking with the e-infrastructures and other ESFRI clusters.
  • Make scientific data produced at Europe’s major Photon and Neutron sources fully compatible with the FAIR principles.
  • Generalise the adoption of open data policies, standard metadata and data stewardship from 15 photon and neutron RIs and physics institutes across Europe
  • Provide innovative data services to the users of these facilities locally and the scientific community at large via the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).
  • Increase the impact of RIs by ensuring data from user experiments can be used beyond the initial scope.
  • Share the outcomes with the national RIs who are observers in the proposal and the community at large to promote the adoption of FAIR data principles, data stewardship and the EOSC.

The PaNOSC proposal

The PaNOSC proposal was submitted on March 20. 2018 in response to the EU Horizon2020 Call for Proposals INFRAEOSC-04-2018.


For general inquiries about PaNOSC please submit an issue to this project or send an email to

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