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This is a plugin for gedit that provides live previews of Textile code. It’s based off of [Gedit’s MarkDown support](, and will soon include Markdown support (as well as Textile highlighting)

  1. Current New Features
  • Opens bottom pane & focuses on the right tab
  • Live Preview
  1. Planned Features
  • Option to turn on & off the live preview
  • Unifying textile, markdown, ?, into one plugin and one nice pane.
  • Textile syntax highlighting?
  1. Current Install
  • You’ll need Subversion. If you’re on Ubuntu, ‘sudo apt-get install subversion’ in a terminal window will do the trick.
  • ‘cd ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins’
  • ‘svn co ./’
  • Restart gedit, if it’s running
  • You’ve got it! You can now go to that directory and run ‘svn update’ for incremental updates.