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Laser-cut clamp. Lets me mount stuff with action-cam style connector.
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Balcony railing clamp


Just something I'd designed to mount all kinds of things on my balcony. Utilizes laser-cut plywood and threaded rods for generic support structure, and 3D-printed part(s) to mount specific devices. Right now there's only one, and it's an action cam style mounting bracket (think GoPro and numerous clones).

turntable animation

BOM and detailed instructions


  • 10cm pieces of M6 threaded rods x 7
  • M6 nuts x 28
  • Washers x 10
  • Laser-cut plywood parts from this repo x 3
  • Mounting gizmo to actually mount something on top of plywood: 3D-printed from this repo or custom x1

Also refer to this blog post: Homemade solar harvester to power your outdoor projects. and corresponding Git repo solar-harvester-145x145 for more details.

Description of contents:

Modeled with Autodesk Inventor 2018

  • assembly.iam - full assembly of finished device.
  • media/ - rendered stills and videos.
  • models/ - constituent parts of assembly: ** plywood/ - parts you need to cut out of plywood. ** printed/ - right now, it's only one adapter for action cam bracket. That will expand as needed. ** . - misc hardware: threaded rods, nuts etc.
  • plywood_drawings/ - DWG and SVG files for laser cutter.
  • stl/ - folder with STL models for 3D printer.
  • step/ - same models as in models/ directory, STEP file format.


  • Exploded view IPN file, render assembly instructions with it.
  • Ready drawings for common threaded rod sizes: M4, M6, M8.
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