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DIY outdoor solar harvester.
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Solar harvester for 145x145cm panel.


BOM and detailed instructions

Refer to this blog post: Homemade solar harvester to power your outdoor projects.

Description of contents:

Modeled with Autodesk Inventor 2018

  • solar_harvester_145x145.iam - full assembly of finished device.
  • solar_harvester_145x145.ipn - presentation file with exploded view. When rendered in reverse, results in video with assembly instructions.
  • washer.pdf - template for silicone/rubber washer that goes between the lid and enclosure of harvester (to ensure it's watertight).
  • stl/ - folder with 3D printed parts.
  • enclosure/ - Inventor models of enclosure, source of everything 3D printed in stl/ folder.
  • step/ - same models as in enclosure/ directory, STEP file format.
  • parts/ - Inventor models of constituent electronics (e.g. everything not hand-crafted).
  • media/ - rendered stills and videos.


  • Add a stopper to SP16 back nut, that will prevent the nut from slipping.
  • Utilize internal space more (shrink 3d printed parts).
  • Support more different solar panel sizes.
  • Support more charger boards: CN3791, TP4056, BQ24650.
  • Figure out a simple way to de-humidity internal space.
  • Make a "lip" at the brim and replace screws with bolts+nuts, that tends to be more watertight.
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